A book that will
remove all barriers to self-care.

five stars

“This is a must read for all caregivers. You are guaranteed to have many ha ha moments, inspiration and a path to more energy. Choose yourself and read this book.”

Julie Hébert,
Autism mom and government executive
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five stars

“This little gem of a book offers a big message: not only is self-care accessible to all, it is a necessary act of self-love.”

Rachelle Boureau,
Mother and communications professional
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Your comprehensive self-care tactic guide.

Using humour, personal stories, and practical advice, this enlightening book from autism mom, Nicole Dauz will teach you how to overcome obstacles and excuses preventing caregivers from prioritizing their needs.
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“As caregivers, the stories we tell ourselves can shape the way we feel about our roles, our families, and about suffering.

We may experience a myriad of conflicting emotions over the course of a day: joy, sorrow, frustration, solace, rage, shame and pride.

Making sense of and peace with such a swirl of ambivalence requires a plan and the discipline to follow it. The chapters of this book offer caregivers that plan.

Reflecting on this book, readers will begin to write a new script for their life – a script in which happiness is a part.

We all care for those we love and sometimes that role can overwhelm us. With self-care as a daily practice, it doesn’t have to.”

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Donna Thomson,
Disability mom, Activist, Author, Wife of the Canadian high commissioner to Britain.

Your pocket roadmap to self-care.

five stars
“A must read for all caregivers”

This book will guide you through this
self-care roadmap.

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I believe everyone deserves self-care.

I wrote “Self-care: From the Trenches…with Love, Humour & a Kick in the Pants” to remind caregivers that they’re allowed to live a meaningful life and be happy despite their circumstances.

I know what it feels like to be exhausted, stressed, and unprepared. As the mother of a 16-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter with a rare genetic disease and autism, experience has been my teacher.

This book weaves first-hand stories with thought-provoking themes such as resistance, stress, energy, emotions and validation to inspire caregivers to carve out more time for themselves and to choose happiness, even when it’s hard.

Give yourself the gift
of self-care.

Your pocket roadmap to self-care.

five stars
“A must read for all caregivers”
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