Dear Autism and Disability Parent,

You’re doing a great job as a caregiver to your child, but you know deep down you’re not taking care of yourself.

Parents who enroll in the Caregiver Transformation Program know they need accountability to achieve self-care.

Learn more to see if you’re a good fit for this program.

Your journey from burnout to self-care is within reach.

The Caregiver Transformation Program is a 9-month journey that moves caregivers from exhaustion, stress, and overwhelm to a place of peace, self-awareness, and inner happiness.


Embracing Emotions and Guilt

We’ll confront emotions that break your heart or that you’ve buried deep inside.

Pillar 1:

Acceptance of Caregiver Role

We’ll dive inward to identify mental blocks, improve self-awareness and self-control.

Pillar 2:

Awareness of Reality

You’ll learn how to let go of a fictional or past version of your life and accept reality so you can move forward and towards fulfillment and joy.

Pillar 3:

Alignment of Life

You’ll design a wellness plan to support your mind, body, and soul. We’ll hold you accountable to it so you don’t succumb to past self-sabotaging behaviours.

Who’s it for?

The Caregiver Transformation Program is highly personalized for…

Parents who have a young or adult child with special needs.
Caregivers who are stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed.
People who have neglected their personal health and wellness but want to prioritize it now.
People who are willing to be vulnerable in front of their peers.
People willing to be uncomfortable short term to achieve lifelong happiness.
People who take personal responsibility for their growth.
Who’s not a fit…
People who constantly complain.
Parents who are not willing to prioritize their self-care over their role as caregivers.
People who think they can change without taking action.
Parents who have already undergone a personal journey towards self-care and have achieved inner peace, happiness, and wellness.

This is hard work.

Inner work is really hard. Showing up to coaching calls, participating in workshops and absorbing the content is the easy part.

Once you become aware of your negative thought patterns and self-sabatoging behaviors, you might trick yourself into believing the work is done. But it’s not.

I call it work because it requires action beyond our normal and comfort zone. You’ll continue to be a victim of your reality as a caregiver until you overcome your resistance to change.

This program is for people who are committed to being more patient, kind, and self-compassionate — despite inevitable challenges they’ll encounter everyday as caregivers.

I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?

How it Works

First, I’d like to get to know each other over a 20-minute no commitment chat. I’ll ask you questions about your current circumstances and goals for your future to see if the Caregiver Transformation Program is a good fit for you.
If I believe I can help you, I’ll invite you to join the introduction program, Embracing Emotions and Guilt. This is a two-month commitment where you will lay the foundation required for your holistic self-care transformation.
After two months, we’ll assess your emotional well being to see if you’re ready to graduate into the full program.